These photographs were made at Kits Pool Vancouver 2016 - 2018.  I initially became accustomed to the back and forth of the swimmers in their own undefined lanes oblivious to one another in their recurrent rhythmic repetitive motion of swimming and soon included arrangements of play and instances of random patterns of interaction.  How does public space change in terms of demographic and location?  How would the pool and its deck be populated each day?

    The images were assembled into compositions in 2020.  I attempted to deal with the issue of time by planning panoramas, single frame sequences and the creation of tableaux.  The tableaux bring in images from several different frames and sometimes feature individuals in a progression of change.  Each composition incorporates two pool deck photos in their own stillness bringing our perception closer and grounding it to present moment while fluctuating between the now and the ever changing waterscapes. 

© 2019 by Lorne Greenberg

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